Inventory Update

Below is a list of moulding currently out of stock and an approximate date/month expected.

Inventory Update March 24, 2022

Long Term Out Of Stock Mouldings / Approximate Due Date

B009B Black w/step May

B101M Mahogany Aug

B101W Walnut May

B112R Raven Black May

B116B Black cap May

B350M Mahogany gold beads May

BX200E Espresso Aug

S2152 Pinstripe Purple April 15

S2154 Pinstripe Blue April 15

S2158 Pinstripe Red April 15

S2159 Pinstripe Black gloss April 15

S2248 Lexington black w/red April 15

S2268 Lexington black w/red April 15

S2269 Lexington black April 15

S2452 Nicollet Toned Pewter April 15

S2454 Nicollet Toned Bronze April 15

S2474 Nicollet Toned Bronze April 15

S2492 Nicollet Toned Pewter April 15

S2528 Satin black/red w step Sept

S2529 Satin black w step April 15

S2538 Satin black w/red lines April 15

S2539 Satin black cap w step April 15

S2558 Black w/Red lines April 15

S2559 Black w/step April 15

S2599 Black w/step 2” deep April 15

S2757 Accord Walnut April 15

S2759 Accord Rich Black April 15

S2854 Midway Blue April 15

S2973 Arboreta Clear Maple April 15

S2977 Arboreta Walnut stain April 15

S3003 Large stretcher April 15

S3004 Jumbo stretcher April 15

S3419 Vista Black April 15

S3429 Vista Black April 15

S3430 Vista Green April 15

S3431 Vista Whitewash April 15

S3432 Vista Gray April 15

S3433 Vista Natural April 15

S3438 Vista Mahogany April 15

S3439 Vista Black Sept

S3443 Vista Natural Cap April 15

S3447 Vista Walnut April 15

S3449 Black Cap Sept

S3479 Vista Black Cap April 15

S3555 Yosemite Fruitwood April 15

S3557 Yosemite Walnut April 15

S3559 Yosemite Black April 15

S4142 Birchwod Gray/silver Oct

S4252 Mosaic Violet April 15

S4254 Mosaic Blue April 15

S4349 Heirloom Black May

S4440 Celeste White April 15

S4442 Celeste Slate April 15

S4444 Celeste Navy April 15

S4448 Celeste Red April 15

S4449 Celeste Black April 15

S4589 Uptown Slate Chisel April 15

S4751 Metro Silver Haze April 15

S4757 Metro Espresso Oct

S4777 Metro Espresso Haze April 15

Z5232 Elysee silver April 15

Z5233 Elysee gold April 15

Z5627 Bijou Plum dart compo Oct

Z5723 Bijou gold circle May

Z7939 Alpine sm black wedge June 15

Z7969 Alpine Black Wedge June 15

Z8145 Derby Saddle Brown June 15

Z8492 Rustica Gray May

Z8499 Rustica Ebony Aug

Z8741 Folio Platinum April 15

Z8749 Folio Anthracite April 15

Z8762 Folio Pearl cap April 15

Z8854 Thames bronze June 15

Z8859 Thame Black/emboss June 15