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A Thai inspired moulding with a compo reminiscent of palm leaves. This moulding comes in four washed finishes, cream, gray, sand & graphite, with silver accents, on two profiles, a simple cube & large scoop

Z5900 Pagoda.jpg
Z59 Pagoda website interior.jpg
Boathouse interior.jpg

A painted distressed finish reminiscent of boathouses and lakeside cottages. This moulding is available in white, gray, yellow, sand, red & black on a cap profile with good rabbet depth.

S3700 Boathouse.jpg

Beautiful maple & cherry veneers on a sustainable core, a high quality, easy to use moulding for large scale or custom projects.

S23 Arbor picture frame moulding
S23 Arbor picture frame moulding


Beautiful wood veneers with a very light matte finish in colors reminiscent of a meadow of wild flowers. The profile has a drop lip for added dimension.

S3300 Meadow.jpg
Meadow interior whats new page.jpg
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